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I am a Librarian. To be honest, I wouldn't want to do anything else. I have a strong background in architecture, computer technology, English literature, Internet applications, web site design, film studies and modern art. I would like to use this page to express my personal musings and experiences on news, pop culture, nature, art, science, technology and what ever becomes a curiosity.

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  1. aritter2014 says:

    For me this film along with Kubrick’s 2001 are the masterpieces of American Science Fiction film cinema. I still remember the first time I saw the original theatrical cut with the Harrison Ford voice overs like an old film noir picture from the 1940s. The future looks so old. I was not particularly happy with Ridley Scotts directors cut of the film years later. It did renew interest in this film that was a box office flop, but the premise that Decakrd was a replicant still makes no sense to me upon repeated viewings. I’m also not a fan of movie sequels. Especially when in bumps up against such a highly regarded film like Blade Runner. But this trailer is intriguing. If it’s a financial success let’s hope Disney doesn’t ruin this franchise and make a theme park out of it. Even though I would probably go….

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