Another obsession of mine.   Collecting vintage breakfast cereal boxes.  I started with a small collection pretty late in the game.   The prices for empty let alone completely sealed packages of these instantly disposable cardboard boxes were already starting to grow in the early 2000’s.  I figured by then I had a pretty decent investment in a cool pop culture collection.  However around 2003 – 04 you may remember the interest in KABOOM, featured in Tarantino’s Kill Bill film.   Another Tarantino film,  another innocent memory crushed with blood soaked milk in a cereal bowl.   Well that’s when I figured it was uncool.  (don’t get me wrong, I love what Tarantino does in his films,  I just felt like I had to let something go after seeing what he had done with a safe and sweet memory.) Anyway here are a few boxes I still have fond childhood memories of.  Kaboom, General Mills (1969). King Vitaman, Quaker (1970). Super Sugar Crisp, Post (1968). Quisp, Quaker (1965). Waffelos, Ralston (1979).  And yes I collected all the boxes and built Waffeloville!


About aritter2014

I am a Librarian. To be honest, I wouldn't want to do anything else. I have a strong background in architecture, computer technology, English literature, Internet applications, web site design, film studies and modern art. I would like to use this page to express my personal musings and experiences on news, pop culture, nature, art, science, technology and what ever becomes a curiosity.

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